The mobile solution provides healthcare services that covers diagnostic screening, as well as remedial procedures comprising of ophthalmic / optometry services for eye and vision testing (including prescription glass supply), audiology services and dental services (including minor dental procedures). This is provided in a fully mobile, self – sustained platform allowing for fast deployments, large geographical coverage and gives access to primary healthcare facilities in rural and
remote areas.

✔Improve dental health:
✔Provide dental and oral checkups, diagnose and treat oral
and dental infect ions, oral hygiene .
✔ Health education classes on oral and dental hygiene
Improve ophthalmlc & audlology health:
✔ Provide eye & vision screening .
✔Provide treatment for eye diseases .
✔ Provide subscription glasses (made on the clinic)
✔ Provide eye and vision health education .
✔Reduce cataract and eye related illnesses .
✔Audoilogy Screening
Care Unit
Mobile Dentai Eye CnV
Clinic built on leading vehicle manufacturers truck or

Clinic built on leading vehicle manufacturers truck or panel van chassis platforms Vehicle configuration Can be 2×4 or 6×4. Clinic length 3m up 9m depending on vehicle choice Clinic with I room up to 3 room (9m truck) configuration . Self- sustained with power generator, Water & waste tanks and optional solar power backup . Wash basins, vinyl flooring for control in examination / consult-ing room(s) .

Dental surgery suite With X •Ray and all dental equipment and instruments Ophthalmic / Optometry suite. Can be customized for basic screening or remedial procedures.

Screening audiometer with audio booth Remote and capabilities (via optional Software suite) . Equipment and vehicle & backup support price depends on vehicle configuration and equipment

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